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I know you have also experienced at some point in your life, that life is not as it seems and you wish to stay child forever but you have grown up and will keep doing it.
I have realized that currently there are 4 kind of youth in the country

    1. into relationship
    2. looking for someone
    3. breakup and don’t know what to do
    4. breakup and realised

and my story comes when I was in 2nd category, when I was young, age of 15
Today I will share a story with you that I haven’t shared with anyone else, place yourself in my position and feel the next bit.
Few years back at a family gathering, I saw a girl, she was beautiful as eve, for me the world seems to have stopped, she walked like an Indian goddess and the moment she spoke I felt bathed in a pool of ambrosia.
Everything was special about this girl. The way she made those small and special moments where I would just stare at her while she explains something, those small silly fights, that game of red hands where I used to place my hand below hers so I could avoid her being hurt and those countless games of truth and dare, all this made my heart drift towards her.
The gathering got over, it was just another day for her as I was just another friend or a far relative but I felt like universe turned over. I decided to express my feelings to her the day before I leave
The sun was going to set and the time for the moment of truth arrived. I approached her but the time stopped at the very second I saw her; I forgot everything and got indulged in her silly talk. Midway of the talk I made up my mind but couldn’t as every time I was to say it my heartbeat became audible, I felt my every drop of blood running through my veins, I felt every graviton jumping from my field to hers and then I stooped.
I departed, she got busy with her life and me with mine but one day I got a friend request and wola, it was her! We started to chat daily and during these conversations I named her cutie pie, she loved the name. after some quality time the innocent and childish me thought that this is the chance and proposed her on messenger
As every one-sided love story, she rejected! It was not her fault and I knew it. It took a lot of awkward messages and time to overcome it and also made me realize “life is not as it seems”
After all this I got to know what true love is,

“true love is a fine line between disappointment and friction”

Iam sorry I wrote this without your permission but this is my side of the story and I have the every right of it. You were and will be the most beautiful person I have ever met
I thought I had my lesson but just after 7 months I was on a 15 day journey there,I saw a girl, she was beautiful as eve, for me the world seems to have stopped, she walked like an Indian goddess and the moment she spoke I felt bathed in a pool of ambrosia.

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  1. Best wishes to u fm ma sde … Keep going dea.. Go long?..

    1. Super Lines… It’s feel lyk My story… Gud Luck.. Keep going…

      1. And it’s look lyk My story… Don’t warry bro… Be cool all is well… Keep going..gud Luck ????

      2. Thanks a lot Rahul, it’s my pleasure to connect with you, keep reading keep supporting

  2. Vavaaa lovely boy one side love sup ❤??? keep writing bro

    1. Thanks a lot Omi, your support is everything I need

  3. Good one yar….all d best? waiting for future posts

    1. Thanks a lot ? Pranathi, keep reading keep supporting

  4. All the best …grow more my kabira ?

  5. Oh ho nice Varadh ?? heart touching lines Kabira. Keep going longer I will be waiting for your stories all the best for more unique stories??

  6. Superb bro,,,somewhere heart toughing,,,

    1. Ohhh hooo this story seems to be quit common as always but its someone’s special nd unique kinded person’s story nd this makes the story unique…
      Continue it…
      Waiting for upcoming blog

      1. Thanks a lot fasiha, hope you give your support in the same way

  7. Nice one bro

  8. No words?

    1. thanks a lot drakshayani, keep reading, keep supporting

  9. An hallucinatory, marvelous, ravishingly refined, astounding start….. ?
    Waiting for ua imminent blog…?
    Tons of luck?
    I suugest u too add more feeling s into it… To make it more attractive n people who read it also have to b filled with tears in their eyes.. ?

    1. marvalous comment, i just love the usage of words, keep rerading, keep supporting yaar.

  10. Great one bro.. ??lots of luck..?

  11. Jus luved it??… Keep gng bro… All d vry best for d NXT ones

    1. Thanks Preethi?, keep reading keep supporting

  12. Super ya kabira keep going n a very heart touching story.all the luck for your future ?

    1. Thanks a lot Prerna , keep reading keep supporting

  13. Same is the case with me too but didn’t get over the hangover yet ???

    1. Ayyo, hope you get over it bro, keep reading keep supporting

  14. Nice one Kabira, the sentences are like poet, heart touching, keep it up, Go long ?

    1. thanks avinash, wait for the next blog,, hope to get your suport

  15. I think this kind of stories has been said before by lots of people. But not by you . It stands a step above when it said by you kind of people . Your writings inspiring others to write . By the way nice story and we wann a listen more. Great start ..varad
    Keep writing .

  16. Loved it. Waiting for the next one….

  17. Life is not as it seems…. This line was really gud

    1. Thanks a lot archana?, hope you got connected. Keep reading keep supporting ?

  18. Super?

  19. Its nice

    1. Thanks a lot ?, keep reading keep supporting

  20. I have read articles on simalr subject but urs was little defrent…the way expressing girl was beautiful!!! N the subject of story was well written,”life is not as it seems”. All the v best dea keep doing …

    1. Thanks a lot ?, keep reading keep supporting

  21. Nice…. Superb…. ???

  22. Ya it is nice story ?

  23. Vardh, a super life experience of your life. Keep on writing.???

  24. Varadh zindagi kitani khoobsoorat hai ye har pal ehsaas hota !!
    Dil ka haal bayan krne se Dil ko tasalee milti hai
    Duniya kitani khobsurat hai aur dil pyara sa nanha sa samajh hai ?
    Good job buddy
    Will be waiting ..write soon
    Apki fan no 1?

  25. Oooh My My….???am Shattered!! Diz iz Amazing Boi.., Honestly! True Lines.. Touched ma Heart❤ Allryt., Hope u gt dat Gal (who Seems Lucky)??

  26. Awsm varadh.. all the best for ur future…?

  27. Very nice… such a pure thoughts and pure words u used to express all about ur love?.. that’s mind blowing..all the best kabira

  28. Super

  29. U explained abt life in a diff way that life is not constant it changes based on time keep it up

  30. It is a very gud expirence to read u r blog

  31. Hahaha tat was a very cute one…..all the best bro

  32. ?it’s beautiful Varadh Anna ????….. overjoyed by reading it…..ur story refreshed all my old sweet memories with my sweetheart…. keep writing….can’t wait for d next post?

  33. superb bro the way u expressed is clean and smooth ..
    lots of love to you..

    1. Thank Rakesh, keep reading keep supporting.

  34. Ohh vrdh I know the future story……. anyways it was really gud ????…… hats off to all the one side lovers ….as even knowing the truth tht there loved one is part of some others lif , thy keep on loving and caring without any greed…..?????…

  35. Heart touching story varadh
    Keep going on……gud luk..

  36. Wat goes around comes around well explained ….gud 1

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