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MOMO  LOVES  KIDDO   – S01 Episode -01 Momo’s wish

MOMO LOVES KIDDO – S01 Episode -01 Momo’s wish

My home, my sweet little cozy home.
It was 6 in the morning, I made two cups of tea and then i whispered “wake up momo, wake up i made tea for you” into her ears, she woke up as adorable as she would daily. Her messy hair made her look like a barbie doll throwing a tantrum. she hugged me and kissed me and all I did was gave a huge smile to that cute mess. While i was reading the newspaper she called me saying “Kiddo! get me my towel na” and instead of taking the towel, She pulled me in.
Tring tring! the door opened, she took me in her arms once she saw my dull face. The warmth of her hug got rid of all my day’s tiredness. I lifted her up in the air, our eyes locked and her hair fell around us froming a small sphere of love, I kissed her. I freshened up and cooked and every time i cook she sits on the kitchen table and just watch me cooking. Post-dinner we had some wine with a soft French song in the background to which she steeped on my feet and danced. She explained that it was her dream to dance in such a manner with me on a beach. On the bed I read her my favourite book and when she got sleepy, I kissed her good night and cuddled.
Next day she woke up and instantly her eyes gleamed with happiness as she saw the keys for The Royal Enfield on which she always wanted The Goa trip. She sat up straight on the bed, looked directly into my eyes and spoke softly “I love you my Kiddo” and jumped on me!
Although it was a long ride, we took a lot of stops witnessing a lot of soulful places and then we reached the sea side bungalow. It was my friends bungalow that I borrowed for this weekend. I showed her the bed room, the moment she entered she started to smile and blush uncontrollably as there was the red dress which she always wanted to buy and stuck to the maniquine was a note which read as,

My whole life, I would ride with one hand until the other one is holding yours, I know you deserve the world but I can only give you the second best thing, My World and if my world needs something then it’s hers
– with love K A B I R A.

I could not take my eyes off her when finally she came down. I was standing on the beach wearing a black 3-peice suit, gelled up hair and a bottle of wine aside a beautiful table. Her dress was of 2 parts a red crop top and a red full length frock which made her look elegant and super cute at the same time.
She walked slowly and shyfully. Her face tilted downwards had a pink blush. I stood speechless as my mind was suck in her timeline, I forgot what to say and kept staring her. I moved closer and so did she, without uttering a single word. She stepped on my feet and slowly raised her heels only bringing her face closer to mine. Our breaths met, the world to us was pointless now and the rest of all sounds and visual faded away.
I placed my left hand on her bare navel, my touch sparked a flame in her body and face. Our body heat increased and all other senses stopped working. Without losing the touch I moved my hand all the way to her back crossing her perfectly curved belly. In an instant I pulled her closer to me Completely and our bodies touched. We could hear our heart beat synchronize and our breath stopping for a second and then start heavily. I took her right hand and started to move slowly to her favourite soft French song. After a minute our eyes met, both held the gaze and during it she started to bring her lips closer to mine. When those baby lips touched mine, we lost the sense of reality!
This is the first part of the series “MOMO LOVES KIDDO”
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