The Diary – A book of horrors E01
The diary by varadh Kulkarni

The Diary – A book of horrors E01

It was a dark night, there were thunder and rain. My hands tied to the pole and legs held in place by shackles, I being a helpless husband could just watch her madness. She kept me in the untidy basement of our house where she ran towards the tool shelf and removed an old, large, and rusty knife. She took the knife and sat on the bench in front of me, she looked deep into my eyes as I cried, She gave a sinister smile and then started to cut her LEG! I screamed for help but there was nobody, I tried to get free of the shackles that she tried but couldn’t, there was blood oozing out but she did not stop, it took her 10 minutes to chop her entire right leg from her thigh. I watched her doing it, I watched her cut herself! Just before she cut her neck, she let out a loud scream! AAaahhhhhh……

I woke up! It was 7 in the morning,

It’s been 5 years since that incident and it still haunts me every day, I walked to the kitchen and as I was sipping a glass of water, I heard a loud bang at the door. I ran towards the door and opened it quickly only to find nothing but a book on the stairs. I started to shiver as it was the same book, the evil book that consumed my beloved Kalki 5 years ago, but she had burned the book before she killed herself, I thought. I picked up the book, It was a diary with a red velvet cover and pages that were aged, The book was tied in chains and had a skull on it. Kalki had told me to stay away from this book but I could not resist as maybe only this book could give me closure and explain why she killed herself that way!

I touched the skull to find a way to open the chains and suddenly an iron pin pricked my finger. Blood started to ooze out and drenched the skull in the blood. The lights went dark, it was like the sun hid from the darkness of the day! I stepped back as the chains pulled itself and the book turned dark red! I could feel my heartbeat rise and the uneasiness build inside me as I walked towards the book. I opened the first page and touched the aged, brown page. The blood moved on the page and formed the text,

“The curse of The Diary is passed from Kalki Kulkarni to Prateek Kulkarni”

My hands started to tremble and my voice froze, I started to sweat in the cold and dark house as I saw my name on it!

The book flipped by itself revealing the page which said “Kalki Kulkarni” on top of it. I took the book in hand and started to read it, the first line said “Kalki Kulkarni read the book and will die today” I flipped the pages and found the record of everything that Kalki did in the last few days before her death! I remember, Kalki brought the book a month before her death from an excavation site in Sri Lanka, She was an archaeologist and expert in ancient mythology. She was an entirely different person when she came back. she started to stay in the basement more than the house!

I opened the first page, It said about a ritual, A long Sanskrit text on how to summon the demon. As I read, I realized Kalki visited the caves of Bandargah one day before she died! When she returned, she had blood all over her and would not utter a single word. I read further, the book mentioned Kalki meeting Pandit of broken Ravana in the caves. As I read further, suddenly the table lamp exploded!

The lights started to flicker, the room got dark and I started to hear voices and the screams of Kalki. I tried to run out of the house but the door locked on its own! It was pitch dark. I took every step slowly and steadily towards my room. The house was so quiet that I could hear the clock making Tick, Tok, Tick, Tock! With every tick-tock, my heartbeat increased. I stepped on the first step and raised my head. There it was a black human-like form with dark red eyes, Staring at me. 

I lost the sense of everything and froze up. The devil had a rotten face covered with a cape. He gave a sinister smile and walked towards me, As he did, I left everything and ran towards the basement!

I stayed there for more than an hour, in an effort to know how to stop all this, I started reading further,

The ritual of awakening the demon is performed and the demon now listens to Kalki, heir to Sakendas. The demon rose from the ground and looked in the eyes of Kalki and said “You have awakened me and inturn my curse of The Diary. You, Kalki from the family of Sakendas will have to make a sacrifice in order to gain control over me. Once the sacrifice is done, the devil will do your bidding!” As Kalki returned to the basement, she realized that the diary wrote everything that happened to her from the point of the ritual.

I was shocked! Kalki brought the demon back from the dead!

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Adarsh Mannayyanavarmath

1st episode is?.. Full of suspence?

Sai Ganesh

Its very interesting keep it up bro ❤

Prasad mgvr