The Diary – A book of horrors E02

The Diary – A book of horrors E02

I shut the diary! I was helpless and waiting to be killed. It was hard to accept the situations that were in front of me but there was no choice. Death puts life in perspective, I realize I cannot die in vain. If there was someone who could explain what is happening then that would be The Pandit of the broken Ravana so I decided to run to the caves. The caves of Bandargah is a place for worshippers of Ravana – The demon king of Lanka. It was just a 10 minutes drive from my bungalow and it was already 5 in the evening, getting dark!

I climbed the stairs slowly with the diary in my hand. I grabbed the car keys and went out through a window. I reached the caves and the moment I reached, I heard a loud scream. I ran inside the dark and huge caves of rock! These caves were very ancient and dark! It felt like I had entered a different world entirely. As I went ahead, I found an old man in an orange dhoti lying on a rock. He was stabbed in the chest and there was blood everywhere, once I went closer to him, I noticed the knife. It was the same knife that Kalki had on that day and as I was about to touch it, He moved! I was shocked. He spoke in a very low and broken voice, “Fear him as he is death, Sacrifice your own breath, the only way to save your son’s life, is to stab yourself with the same knife” He died after these words. I stood there with an evil diary in one hand and knife in another, lost in the inevitability of my own death!

I started driving back and it was dark already. As I was driving, I was lost in thoughts of Kalki. Many questions arose, Why did she perform the ritual? Why did she want the demon? As I took the turn, Suddenly, Kalki stood in the middle of the road with a knife in her hand. In a futile attempt to turn, I hit a tree!

As I opened my eyes, There was blood everywhere, I tried to call my son but he did not pick up the call! I came out of the broken car and started running towards the bungalow, the lights were still out, It was pitch black. I entered the basement and locked it from inside and hid beneath the very table where Kalki chopped herself! I took a pen and a paper and started writing a letter to my son but before I could finish,

Suddenly lights came on and everything seemed normal, I slowly stepped out. I heard footsteps and a voice as it said “Prateek dear, you there” It was her, my dear Kalki. She walked towards me and hugged my whispering in my ears – “You have to die to save him”

She started screaming, Stab yourself! Stab, Stab!

It seemed like everything stopped! I started to realize what the Pandit had said, I have to sacrifice in order to stop the curse! Suddenly there was a bang on the door, It was the demon! I ran towards the table where I left the knife!

The door opened with a loud thud! I started to hear the footsteps! It was the demon!

I took the knife in both of my hands, placed in on my neck straight, and pushed it till it reached the other side!

The pain of the knife ran through my entire body like a wildfire! But knowing my son will be spared, I smiled at the demon. He stood in front of me and gave the same scary smile!

I felt numb and started to lose consciousness and just before I died, I saw him transform into The Pandit of the broken Ravana with the same smile!


Once I read the last line, All the words disappeared and a single line appeared, Kabir Kulkarni read the book and will die today

And the front page said,

“The curse of The Diary is passed from Prateek Kulkarni to Kabir Kulkarni”

Who is Kabir? Will he too die? Is he the son? Wait for the season 2 of The Diary

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Its Its really amazing story Yar… When I started reading the story .. I imagined it ..who will die next?. We ???

Sardhar Ganesh HV

Really enjoyed it, bro.
Demons are my cup of tea, hope except a more horror experience in next season.?


Damn scary, but really an amazing one!

Adarsh Mannayyanavarmath

Waiting for the second season?..truth behind the story..

avinash kamble

Intresting story, I am waiting for climax to know why this curse of dairy starts.


Really really good!?
Waiting for the next part of the story!?