I am missing you!

I am missing you!

I am missing you!
I am missing you! and the child in me is now spreading its arms for you to take me in our world of fairy tale.
I am missing your eyes, those innocent and child eyes. Your eyes are the most powerful hook to my heart. You directly look into my soul with those eyes.
I am missing your breath, partially because it’s mine and partially because it has become my obsession.
I am missing your warmth, not because of those countless cuddle and not because of those intimate times but because it heals me of all my wounds given by the harsh world.
I am missing your smile. Your smile takes me into a world of eternal peace, a world to which KABIRA calls home.
The child in me wants you! NOW!

Yes I want never-ending cuddle which confuses our bodies that who is warmer,

Yes I want your face closer to mine till our breaths meet,

Yes I want never-ending kisses all around my face,

Yes I want to hold your hand and hold it harder never wanting to leave it,

Yes I want you, completely mine and forever.

I am missing that want! that care! that importance!

I am losing the power to walk, I miss your presence!

I am missing your mischief! that face you make to tease me and run away after pissing me off!
I am missing our silly fights which only lasted few hours and after which we come back together!
I am missing us! An old-school Cliche couple!

The child in me needs your finger, don’t leave it for any reason whatsoever! I love you?❤ and can not even imagine life without you.

I know that this blog is abrupt but it is full of emotions! It is unedited to keep the emotions intact!
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Truly romantic.. happiness loads while reading..