KIDDO  LOVES  MOMO  – S01 Episode -02 kiddo's maturity

KIDDO LOVES MOMO – S01 Episode -02 kiddo's maturity

I called him for the 71st time and sent the 52nd text as “I love you Kiddo” and I threw my phone away. After a while, I heard a loud bang on the door, it was him. I wanted to get up and open the door but couldn’t. He broke the door and entered only be shocked and scared considering all my situation and things happening around me from past one month. I could listen he prayed that the things he was afraid of should not be true. The room was a mess, Flower vase was broken and there were some red marks on the floor. The blood directed towards the bedroom. He entered the bed room calling my name and there was I leaning my head on wall and staring blindly to the opposite wall. I was wearing a dark blue denim shorts and kiddo’s black t shirt. Whenever I stay at home I prefer to be in his clothes as it gives me a different warmth and it also shows his presence in my life though he is not around.
My hair was a mess, my face was swollen, Kajal was spread all over my eyes, my eyes were dry and hands had marks on it as I had harmed myself to exhaust my frustration. My right feet was bleeding heavily as a piece of broken glass. I was so numb that I did not feel the pain nor his existence in the room. The Bedroom was worse than the hall as there were echos of my screams filled with hatred and pain. I sat there without being conscious about myself, it was me but not me sitting there. I was completly blank and did not know what to do until I felt his touch. He removed the glass piece still struck and I did not even feel the pain. There was still continuous flow of blood, he ran into bathroom to get the medical kit. He dressed the injured part and sat near me. I watched everything but could not process or respond, I was so numb! He put arm around me and gently placed my arm over his shoulder. He came closer and whispered in my ears, “MOMO I am here with you and I am sorry I am late but I am here for you and it’s you that matters to me. That was the moment I broke in his arms. Tears started rolling down from my eyes. He didn’t stop me from crying but just hugged me very tight. I know he was also weeping but did not show as it would make my condition worse, I don’t remember the duration I cried but I just slept off in his arms. I opened my eyes and immidetly felt the pain of my right leg and the pain in my hands. I sat on my bed wondered as the room was clean. I heard noises from kitchen. I wanted to go out and hug my kiddo but I lacked that strength. I called out his name, “Kiddo” and he came with a glass of juice in his hands and a cute smile but his eyes were swollen. I understood he has been crying. He came near me and sat on bed, made me drink the juice but I kept on looking inside his deep eyes. He took my hands in his, kissed them gently and said, “I am sorry momo I could not be there with you when you needed me the most. If I were here it would not have it would not have happened” I said it’s not your mistake I should have controlled myself but as soon as I got off the call from my sister I was so frustrated that I smashed the frame of my family and threw vase on it. I don’t understand kiddo why do they behave like this. It’s been 25 years and now they want to get divorced. All these years being their daughter I did whatever I could but for what? Just because I was supposed to see this day? Just to see them getting divorced? And i started crying again. The reason may seem small but I was devastated. He hugged and consoled me. This time he didn’t allow me to cry. He stopped and said, I have a surprise for you and kept the packed bags on bed, declaring a vacation. “But you have a conference tomorrow”, I said. “No it got postponed, even the committee wants me to be with you”.
We drove to goa. We reached our destination at the time of sunset. He knew sunsets are always my favorite. He knew what sunset means to me. I was still wearing his black t shirt. When the sun was going to set he held my hands and said “I know you have something in your mind just say it out loud” I smiled and spoke out “Look at the sun setting down and it will be dark soon and that is what I thought about my life few months back. But I didn’t realise one thing, though the sun is setting here it is giving ray of hopes to the other side of world. But when you came in my life you did not come with rays of hopes but brought a new life for me. And i promise to you kiddo I will never let you down by doing something stupid like yesterday. I want to live with you. I want to grow old with you. I want to attend your boring scientist parties as your partner. I want to fall asleep in your arms and want to wake up with the call of a sweet voice and a kiss on my forehead. I feel safe in your arms. When I hold your hands I feel stronger than I am. And i can go on telling it till the dawn and still it will remain unfinished. But I believe in experiencing than expressing in words. I am sorry kiddo and i love you so much” I saw tears in his eyes. He kissed my hands and said, “you are my momo, I am your kiddo and we are a family. No matter what I am always with you. I promise we will grow old together. We will laugh on each other’s grey hair and leave the world in each others arms!” But for now, he said and he kissed my forehead and whispered in ears, “Happy Valentine’s day momo” and gently kissed my lips. Everytime our lips meet it brought a different energy in me. But that valentines, that kiss was the best moment as it was the beginning of my new life with my kiddo!!

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[…] KIDDO LOVES MOMO – kiddo’s maturity […]

Avinash K

Very Emotional blog. Your story made me so curious as go on reading. Waiting for next episode….KABIRA…

Sachin Kumar Katageri

Uff finally the wait is over, it’s time to read 2nd episode


Uff finally the wait is over, it’s time to read 2nd episode


Very emotional n awesome thinking too!!!


its actually fantastic!!
Mehbooba ki baon se chutti kya mila khwabon ka kam agaya


AND this blog its really impressive ,emotional with fresh thoughts

ananyaexpress ,Instinctive writing

Awsome…. Damn emotional


Superb ?

Shraddha Banshetty

The relationship between the couple whch u described as momo n kiddo is the most beautiful part ❤it’s dam emotional…


[…] KIDDO LOVES MOMO – S01 E-02 kiddo’s maturity. […]


Heart touching one