Meera – A lost soul e02

Meera – A lost soul e02

If you are reading this then, hey! I am dead, right? besides, lets continue

Hie, Iam Meera and you hopefully read how my dad sold me to a rapist and his friends, if not then go read it. Today, I am going to tell you more about my life!

I was dead but something kept me alive, I could feel Anand packing my lifeless body in the body bag, I felt the pain of my body being hurdled to the dumping yard. I lay there amongst the garbage, lifeless, wearing nothing but the wounds, scars, and blood! I do not want to be rescued, I do not want to die but I do not want to live either!

Few hours in the dumping yard, few liters of blood and I lost my consciousness, I went into a deep sleep, where all the horrors I went through replayed in my mind! Am I dying? because you relive all your memories when you die, right? But I woke up! maybe happiness was waiting for me.

Yes, I woke up, A man, aged 40-45 years was in front of me, I realized I was not in the dumping yard but I was in a home. I had clothes on me and I smelled good! Yes, I was Rescued! The man spoke up, he asked, “what is your name, child? to which I said, Meera’

He did not ask me anything else, just gave a smile, placed his hand on my head and left! Yes, I  think found my father! I recovered within two weeks, fit and fine! Now, I had a home, A caring father and I fell in love! He, yes I did. He is a writer by the name KABIRA, he came in search of a story, listened to me and I fell in love with him! 

Finally, everything was happy in my life till one day, I slept in my bed and woke up in a dark container with my hands tied to my back and mouth taped up!

Hey people, Meera here, share my story to fight the injustice done to humanity and make people aware of Human trafficking! around  5000 people are trafficked every year from our country and the majority of them are female.

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