Meera – A lost soul, e03

Meera – A lost soul, e03

Hie, I am Meera! Dead but alive through my story, by the way, where was I? Ahhaa love, right?

Yes, I loved, but a girl like me is not allowed to dream, to fly or to love! but I made a brave choice. A choice to love, It was all beautiful, I had my wings back and everything was great until one night.

It was the darkest night of my life, not because it was my birthday and kabira did not wish me but because that night, I slept in my room and woke up in a large container with my hands tied up and mouth taped. Through a small hole of the body bag, I watched other girls, being ripped off their clothes, being raped and then stabbed to death right inside the container. I prayed to wake up but this was no dream!

I arrived in Mexico in a container with 50 other Meeras and then I was transported to an auditorium where I stood naked in front of a crowd of 100 who auctioned my soulless body in Dollars. Although everyone cried, I didn’t, I just could not! I was numb, I’ve lost all the hopes on humanity, on god and on my life!

Today I stand, wanting my death, although my soul died when I was raped for the first time, Now it’s just the turn of this body and its sufferings. I asked for death but was denied that too! But today is the day I have chosen to die because of a specific reason, It’s my 25th birthday and today I was raped for the 1000th time.

PROLOGUE – Kabir found meera, listened to her story, took her dairy and handed her a gun! the gun through which she shot herself!

This a story on one soul among those countless, who are kidnapped and trafficked for the sake of prostitution and organ trade. Read more about the Organised trafficking and flesh trade in India.

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