Meera – A lost a Soul e01

Meera – A lost a Soul e01

Prologue – Finally I reached the last chapter of my life, the last day that I will breathe in this unholy body but before I leave I want to read my whole dairy to you and describe the horrors I went through my life! so whoever you are and where ever you are, just isolate and listen to my cries.

Chapter 01 – The day I lost my soul

Sept 15, 2012,

My heart is racing maybe because I am going to be free as a butterfly! and fulfill my dream of teaching kids or maybe because I will be making one! He he, I blush by just the idea of it! Yes today is my wedding with Anand, a contractor from Gujarat. Anand is still a mystery for me as appa choose him but he is my ticket out of this village and also my soul mate. 

On the night of honeymoon, I sat on the bed amongst the beautiful roses, waiting with my ‘pallu’ on my head, with my eye glowing with the blush and pinned downwards, exactly as Amma said! The door creaked open and I could not withhold the train of beautiful thoughts running in my head, thoughts of tonight and of a happy married life and of my dreams which I built, The sound of footsteps broke my thoughts and made me shy and equally nervous.

First, of one person stepping in and then the sound of 2-3 others, they all spoke in gujarathi, I was confused making and I didn’t even understand gujarathi but I sat patiently and thought his friends would leave. I heard voices and sounds which made me curious of the situation, suddenly I felt a hand lifting my ghunghat and once I saw up, to my horrors I see 5 men with a demon-like smile, standing in front of me naked! I started to shout for help but Anand pushed me, kicked me, slapped me to the ground, and said,

“Tere baap ne beecha hai tumhe, Maine ne khareda hai tumhe, pure do hazar mai, ba****an”
(Which means “your dad sold you to me, I bought you for two thousand rupees, w***e)

I fell ice-numb and could not react to it, I was just 13 years old before I could sink in, Anand picked me up from my hair and threw me towards those demons, and gave a laugh. I tried, I begged, fell to their feet, I did everything that I could but everything went in vain.

Those demons started to touch me and rip my clothes apart. One held my hands other, my legs and the third one closed my mouth. I lie there helpless crying as these demons held me by my soul, crushing my wings. I looked towards Anand for mercy but he did not show any and finally those demons raped me!

Yes, they raped me turn by turn and then all at once! I cried the whole night as my body pained, every inch of it had the scars and marks. I lay there lifeless like a butterfly only with crumpled wings! Nothing but the curtain of the dark night covered me! Yes, this is the day I lost my soul!

I thought the horrors we’re over but those 5 demons tied me up on a chain, hanged me naked and kept me as their slave for weeks. They used to torture me using cigarettes and sometimes a knife, sedate me, and use objects on me or to be more precise, in me. I remember my futile efforts of ending this soulless body but even death could not help.

One day, after I fell to the ground and couldn’t wake up, my pulse fell and they thought I was dead, so they packed me in a black plastic bag and threw me off in a dumping yard as for them my life was as the same price!

Stay tuned and wait for next epsiode to know how I ended up in flesh trade! And Mexican sex cartel, yeah! My life is shit!

Heard my journey till now? How was it? Leave a comment, I will make sure KABIRA sends me those comments to heaven!

This is a series of blogs depicting the life of victims of human trafficking for the purposes of sex slavery and flesh trade.

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A awsmm gye wth good implmnt

Prashant Kulkarni

Nice varadh


It’s nice story bhai ???

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thanks teddy?


Varadh you are pen of her horrible story .
Great one ? .

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thank you Soumya, keep supporting ♥️


Waiting to know more ..u have brought it in a great way

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thank you Swati! ♥️♥️