MOMO  LOVES  KIDDO   – S01 Episode -03 kiddo's worry.

MOMO  LOVES  KIDDO   – S01 Episode -03 kiddo's worry.

It’s 3 in the morning. Stranded in my own thoughts I looked at her, she was asleep in my arms and I was on the floor. It was a real bad day for us. She broke things today, she cried today, she harmed herself today and that leaves a scar, not only physical but mental, and not only to her but to me also.
I picked her up from my arms and softly placed her on the bed. I wiped the smudged kajal from her cheeks and as I do, I cried! Thoughts flushed into my mind as to what would have caused her to react in the way she did last night but nothing seems to make it clear. I removed her shoes and started to press her legs only to comfort her. I changed her clothes and dressed her wounds, doing so created unhealable wounds to my heart. I pulled a blanket over her, kissed her forehead and started cleaning the nest.
As I was cleaning, I turned towards our “Wall of Moments” it had all the pictures and writings of our travel dairies. As I saw the images of the Goa trip which was a week ago, I realised that the weird change in her behaviour started from there itself. The memories of Goa flashed into my mind, her red dress, that dance, that beach. I quickly realised that something in Goa started the chain of events which brought things to this extent.
“Kiddo” I heard her call, she was awake. I brought the juice with a smile hiding all of my thoughts, I made her drink and then she told me that it was because of her family. I remembred her spoting her sister in Goa and that triggered all of this.
I cancelled all my meetings and took her to Arambol, Goa. She always loved beaches espically the offbeat ones. I kissed her hand softly and said “You are my momo, I am your kiddo and we are a family. No matter what I am always with you. I promise we will grow old together. We will laugh on each other’s grey hair and leave the world in each others arms!” We sat on the beach looking towards the setting sun, lost into its mesmerizing beauty.
The sun had set and I stood up to leave but she did not. I looked at her, she made a cute face and lifted her arms for me to pick her, I could not resist. I had lifted her up into my arms and started walking back towards our room. I gently made her sit on the couch in the balcony and brought dinner. I took her in my lap and fed her dinner and I did she started to weep and so did I. I gave her water and then lifted her up, and placed her on the bed, our gaze fixed into each others eyes. I sat on the bed, took her into my lap and started stroking her head, she cried and after some time she stood up and looked into me and gave a tight hug! she whisperer “Thank You” into my ears. She pulled me into the bed, cuddled and slept.
Good Night, Momo.
Good Night, kiddo.

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[…] MOMO LOVES KIDDO – S01 E-03 kiddo’s worry. […]

Asha Saahithi

Such a cute love story ?

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thanks Asha ♥️♥️ keep supporting