MOMO  LOVES  KIDDO  – S01 Episode -04 Momo's marriage proposal.

MOMO  LOVES  KIDDO  – S01 Episode -04 Momo's marriage proposal.

Tik-tok, tik-tok! It was 12 of midnight and I was lying on bed staring at the ceiling, Kiddo had not yet come. It had been almost 15 days he was coming home late because of work, I missed his warmth.
He has started to come at 3 o’clock at night and I am sleeping early due to my work but I keep his dinner in fridge. I leave early in the morning after preparing breakfast for him and by keeping all his necessary things on table. We were speaking to each other through texts, calls and sticky notes on fridge, mirror and walls! It was fun for sometime but by each day the difficulties increased. I did not complain as I knew how much work meant to him. Lost in my own thoughts I closed my eyes and hopped on the train of memory which took me to the place where me and kiddo had met for the first time 8 months back. There was a program running for college youth where he was a orgainser and I was a guest speaker. Although the meeting was very short but the friendship got built on social media. Unknowingly that friendship took a beautiful turn of a relationship after a couple of meet ups which gave me a new life and he became reason of my every smile. He owned my every single heartbeat. Traveling with him gave me exposure of world and a new perspective for life. His complicated mind and a soft heart is a rare combination which I had understood and had loved more than my life.
The another thing which brought us close was books. As our love towards books was unexplainable we started reading books to each other and that way we lived the book and it’s story together. Suddenly I realized something and with a smile and texted him asking, “Will you be free tomorrow as it is sunday?”. He instantly replied “Yes Jaan, but Why?”, I replied “Nothing! Come home soon I love you”, My phone beeped the very next moment showing, “On my way, Love you too!” I kept my phone aside and lost in my thoughts of next day plans.
Morning I woke up to find his arms wrapped around me. Slowly I slid under his arms and woke up. I made him some tea but my kiddo was still sleeping like a bunny! His beard would make him look a serious stern man but that morning he was just my kiddo with whom I exchange my heartbeat. I sat on bed staring him, he opened his eyes and as expected he blushed to see me staring at him. He pulled me close to kiss but I tickled him which turned that romantic moment into cute and happy one. I whispered into his ears, “There is a lot coming for you today, get ready fast! I love you” and kissed his cheeks. I went to take bath leaving my towel on bed, he understood and followed me in!
Afternoon we cooked and watched a classic flick. We loved to stay in on weekends and do things such as cooking, gardening, writing or cuddling. After lunch I read to him the final chapter of “Faults in our Stars” which made us emotional suddenly I asked him for a sunset date, He knew how much I was fascinated about sunset so he got ready instantly. I drove us to the hill point, which was our favourite spot. There I held his hands and said “I want to say something”. He laughed and said, “ha ha, From when do you started asking for permission?” He looked at me realized my confusing, nervous, excited and mixed expression face and said “What happened momo?” And mumbled to myself, “Here it goes”. I took a deep breath and held his hands more tight and went on my knees. He said, “Momo, what are you …?” I didnt allow him to complete his sentence and said let me speak! I pointed towards the sunset and said,

“I met you as Kabira but you became my kiddo. You are exactly like that Sun, Entered my life as the sunrises does with new hopes for the whole world. You are strong and sometimes become stern according to the situation but at the end of the day, exactly like the Sun, you give meaning to my life. World sleep at night with a hope of sun rising next day but I can not face the darkness caused in my life if you leave”

I want to live my life with you, laugh at each other’s grey hairs and leave the world in each others arms.
I love you Kiddo, will you marry me?

With a stern face he looked into my eyes, he slipped his hand away from mine, turned and started waking away after saying a firm, NO.

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