Why do we need a Partner?

Why do we need a Partner?

I used to look like this!

Birth of a baby is the most beautiful event in a lifetime, and from then we will always have a soul take constant care of us, either it is family or friends.

Father and Mother are the first partners of life! They tend our soul and shape us into a human. They are misunderstood most of the times to be strict and fearful but if you believe in them then they can be your best friend too! Friends, siblings and even a life partner can leave you for their self-good but never will your parents so never hurt them in any way.

My parents are my Best Friend Forever, it’s a cute relationship that we share. Me and dad fight a bit but care for each other a lot, my mom thinks me and appa were a married couple in past life and now stuck in this son-father relationship! I remembered me taking up Under graduation in my town itself to spend time with them and amma crying while I left my home for post-graduation, also did dad silently after I left. Cherish your time with your parents, understand them, love them and be loved.

Siblings are always a pain in the ass! My brother was one always till recently when he gave me his precious wireless earphone, such a gift from this music junkie is really precious. We fought in our childhood like rivals, I remember hitting him with a cricket bat but that’s how it is. Now we are cool! And have a lot of fun together, look out for each other. Siblings make our childhood, they stand up for us in times of need and punch us in the face just for fun. But our childhood stays incomplete without them and their naughtiness.

Friends – The family we choose to bring in our lives, Although we share a very intimate relationship with our friends but one day we break. There will always be 2 or 3 people at the end through every twist and turn, hold them tightly and never leave them because they are your real friend. I was fortunate to have such people in my life, They take care of me, kick me in the balls sometimes but often support me. We do not meet much but always stay in the hearts of each other!

One of the most beautiful feelings of life is falling in love! Me being an old school guy believe in that spark that you find with the person you want to spend your life. Take your time and search that person with who you don’t have to pretend and stay as the truest version of yourself. A person who will accept who you were and make you better on the go. Your partner will record all of the beautiful moments of life and make it more cheerful as said by TAMASHA

Usey ek pal dekhane ka jo sukoon in aankon ko milta hai, who duniya ki hazaar jannton pyara hai.

Sushma Choubey

These words by Sushma portray it all, Love your life partner like never before and make sure you take care of all the needs. True love also brings responsibilities to build a good future and sustain happiness. The best part of love is that constant support over everything and personally the back scrub during a bath! Hehe

Find a person for whom you fell to keep your needs aside and once found just don’t leave at any cost because problems will arrive and the point of a relationship is to solve the issues in each other’s lives and staying together forever rather than leaving when there are misunderstandings. As Shivaani says, Only a true Life partner can hug your soul and bring peace to it.

Zindagi bani hai kisi ke sath chalne ke liae, Warna marna bhi toh akele hi padtha hai!

Irfan Dange

In the end, I would say that we all need a partner, To stand up with us, to make our lives worth living and also to be a pain in the ass which is what makes us Humans!

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Nice one blog..to hear things abt ur life..

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Thank you soo much Adarsh, Keep supporting

Varadh Kulkarni

Thank you Adarsh, Keep supporting me


Bath scrub ? I loved it?
Thank you… ?

Varadh Kulkarni

Thank you Soumya, keep supporting me, love ya


Interesting one… ?

Varadh Kulkarni

Thank you soo much, keep reading and keep supporting

Swathi Nagaraj



interesting one…:)


Fabulous.. nice blog dear❤️


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