She who refused to be called as rape victim! – The story of Suzette Jordan.

She who refused to be called as rape victim! – The story of Suzette Jordan.

What if I tell you that until you sip coffee and finish this blog, one innocent girl in India will get raped!
Now think on these questions..
How many of you took pity on a rape victim?
Why is she called as a rape victim? Why call as survivour?
How many of you changed or updated you dp and forgot of the real support?
How many of you think about reacting to the real cause rather than fake support?
Well this blog is going to change ur mind set! This is a story of a brave and progressive women. Everyboday has a turning point in their own life but this brave women had of a different sort! On 5th February 2012 she faced an act of cruelty and inhumanity, she was gang raped at the park street, kolkata.
For a moment come out of your small world and empathize this blog!
This time the story is not how the girl crumpled to despair or death but this time its how she rose to become a change maker of the society!
Suzette Jordan(1974 – 13 March 2015) was a human rights activists and anti rape campaigner born in Kolkata. Suzette was a single mother with two daughters. Including all the problems as a single mother in India, After the incident she was referred as park Street rape victim and her case been dubbed as park Street rape by Indian media. When Jordan originally reported the crime, CM of WB, Mamata Banarjee called her a liar and accused her of trying to embarrass the govt, a position that provoked national outrage.

I am not park street rape victim, I am Suzette Jordan

Along with all the political problems and society issues Suzette took a decision to reveal her identity to save other millions of lives and to support them to have a better life. When the reason was asked to Suzette for revealing her identity she firmly replied,

“Why should I hide my identity when it was not even my fault? Why should i be ashamed of something that I did not give rise to? I was subjected to brutality, I was subjected to torture and I was subjected to rape and I am fighting and I will fight.”

Suzette started an anti rape campaign in Kolkata and worked as a human rights activists. She worked as a counsellor for a helpline for victims of sexual and domestic violence. She spoke up against victims, For instance she was denied entry into a Kolkata restaurant because of her work. She did not stop scaring the huddles from society instead she took help of media and social media. She appeared as a guest speaker in famous talk show on national television which was hosted by actor Amir Khan, “Satyamev Jayate”. She also used all social media websites to highlight social issues.
Suzette had a tough life and at the end of her life she was a victim of a disease popularly known as an inflammation of brain, “Meningoencephalitis”. Suzette died at the age of 40 on 14th March of 2015. By the time of her death on 10th December 2015, a court in Kolkata held three out of 5 accused guilty in the rape case. The prime accuse Kader Khan and Muhammad Ali were still absconding till recently when on 30th Sept 2016 he was arrested in Delhi. All criminals were arrested under the sections, 120 (B) (Criminal conspiracy) 506(Criminal intimidation) 323( voluntarily causing hurt), 34(common intention), 376(2)(g) (gang rape).
I still have questions,
Why does the society confine young girls and bright women rather than these foul minded men?
Why does the media always sham and revolve around the girl rather than being the rapist centered?

Shackled by society, confined by family, and arrested by fears lies a diamond waiting to shine.

– Varadh Kulkarni (KABIRA)

Why does we as Indian citizens dont understand that we are equally responsible for crimes around us! Yes that makes us all rapist until and unless we try to change it! Or else one day it would be us as the victims, I hope everyone understands and tries to change their mindset!
Lastly I would leave you with a question, Is using words such as bitch and sliping rape into jokes and conversations correct?

This blog is a tribute to all brave women out there! Share the story of brave suzette jordan! This blog is dedicated to MOMO.
Special thanks to Ms Nilima Jangam as this blog would not have been possible without her writings! Follow her new website
Its been 4 months, thank you for all of you love and support because that makes me kabira
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VInod Kumar

Heart touching nd I can’t stop my tears


I do agree. The ladies, specifically, the girls should be encouraged to become physically and mentally strong. Apart from this the society shall also discriminate against the culprits.

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Very true sir!
And sometimes changing the way we think can help a lot!