Time Trilogy- kabira origins

Time Trilogy- kabira origins

There I stood with a gun in my hand, pointed at an old man who had a long beard and a tatoo on his left arm. The bullet from my gun pierced into his right arm. The recoil from the gun made me close my eyes and when they opened I was in a hospital. I tried to lift my arms, the right arm was paining and as I lifted my left arm I saw the tattoo on it and was further horrified to feel a bead on my face. Before I did anything the doctor gave me a shot which put me to sleep and suddenly I opened my eyes to be found upside down, in a hospital where the doctor held my legs, lifted me up and started patting my back. I realised that I was a neonatal. I could see my mom smiling as she held me in her arms for the first time.
Hi, I am Dr. Kabira Kulkarni. I am a Biophysicist working for a powerful research company. To understand everything you need to know what happened with my experiment back in my lab.
I woke up at 5:30 am in the morning. As I brushed, I noticed my right arm had something written on it, it read

You woke up in a yesterday, there is no tomorrow because you will always wake up in a yesterday.

I could not understand the exact meaning of the words. It was confusing. I checked all my mails and drove to my lab. She was already there, my love, my colleague, a famous physicist. She gave me my lab coat, I wore it and turned towards the group of 50 scientists just waiting to hear me and it all went like this.
“Ladies and gentlemen, time is a tricky component of space-time graph. A powerful gravitational field could bend time, create silly loops and connections call as worm holes. If you question, can anyone be at 2 places in the same time then my answer would be, well electrons do it daily.
In today’s experiment we will study the effects of intense gravity on human cells with one intension, will time bend?”
After the speech she took all the scientist to the observation room. I, back at operation center pressed the red button, 3… 2… 1… BOOM!
The whole experiment setup exploded. I could feel that the time had slowed down but only for ten seconds. I was experiencing an explosion but in slow motion. I could feel the gravity much intense than calculated. After the explosion I ran towards her. In a torn lab coat and half burnt dress there she lay lifeless. I lifted her head and placed it on my lap, I tried to speak with her and it is then that she wrote something on my right arm, its goes as,
“You woke up in yesterday, there is no tomorrow because you will always wake up in yesterday”
I kissed her and promised to bring help and ran to the operation room.
Her words confused me, I went to the computer where I found the video log of todays experiments. I clicked on the folder, the computer showed over 1 million entries! Same day! Same experiment! I realised that I was trapped in a time loop. Everything of today had happened over a million times, every decision I took was taken over a million time.
I closed my eyes and as I open, I was with her. As I listened closely she whispered,

Do not take the decisions which you took last time, every decision you take is already taken and will end up the same way.

The whole scene faded away abruptly, I was back in the lab. It was a time glitch which I just experienced, a disturbance in time. I could remember that she had told me once that a time loop is caused by a distortion, that distortion is a potential time machine! All I need to do is to switch it off.
I ran back to the control centre and checked the video log. Every video log ended at 1:30 pm exactly which means I had just half an hour to find out the time machine.
I was kissing her, It was spring season, I stopped, looked at her smiling face and then started kissing her again and suddenly everything turned black. There was light, I walked towards it. That light was from a torch and she held the torch! As I reached her she said “Do not make the same decision” she kept on repeating it and suddenly she started to scream loudly, I closed my eyes and opened back in the lab at the control room.
I suddenly realised that I was the only one not affected by the blast. To find the reason I watched the video log repeatedly and found that the reason is some force repelled the blast around me, which means something with me is the time machine. I had my mobile, wrist watch but one thing caught my attention, the pocket watch gifted by her. It had stopped exactly at the time of blast, I had the time machine now. I realised I just have 5 minutes before the time resets.
I ran towards her, She pulled me closer and whispered, “my time’s up, you cannot save me” I replied, I will come for you and I will save you in the next loop” to which she replied, “Do not take the decisions which you took last time, every decision you take is already taken and will end up the same way”that being said she moved her right hand which had a gun and then she shot me!
I woke up at 5:30 am but in a hospital. There was a newspaper whose headlines read ” 51 scientist killed in a lab accident yesterday, Dr Kabira is the sole survivor” it was then I realised.

I am the time machine

Since then I had many glitches in time, I could not control it but I kept learning. I see a human as a long centipede with babies legs at one end and old man’s legs at other end. I’m the solo traveller of the 3 universes and have seen the whole timeline from big bang to big crunch!
But what about the old man with a beard and tatoo, was that me? Did I kill myself?

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Bhoomika Patil

I really loved this blog of yours!
I was carried away by every line of yours.I felt like was visualising it in real.Damn that was amazing.The last line left me in a mystery.

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thank you bhoomi, keep reading keep supporting


Good one Varadh… Tells us abt taking perfect decisions in lyf…al d bst keep on R8ng…

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thanks a lot di, keep reading keep support

Pratibha Kulkarni

This was just osm.i am sure it was not easy to write this cool thing.?

Sujata pal

Gud one….. keep writing…?

Shanti bhasme

Good one ……..

Kavya barikar

I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. U taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.all da best…keep writing….???

Varadh Kulkarni (Kabira)

Thank you kavya!

Vaishnavi Para

Totally mysterious…..
Too good Varadh Anna.?
The last line was the best part.
How can anyone think in this way too? ?
Taught me ‘Decision is the ultimate power’.⏳